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coming up with subject lines is getting old...

you're ridiculous.

I know I have Cancun pictures but livejournal is getting creepy and they've got me in a bikini which I don't want people to see...
so facebook me if you want to see them =)

BUT here's a random picture from Easter...

I got myself some bunny ears to entertain my little cousins at our Easter egg hunt. and so I took a picture with Mark cause we made eachother Easter baskets to be nerdy... =P

and he's a picture from Monday at the concert:

Lenny in the back left, Dani, Me, and Mark. (I bought Mark his shirt he thinks its hilarious because I'm "emo")
oh and I dyed my hair last Friday so no more black! I've gone brown! i love it

and some random pictures from Mark's parties a couple of weeks ago

Gia and I.

Mark and I.

half of Gia's face, Tony, and I.

these past few weeks have been really fun. and I'm looking forward to May so much. no more school, my friends come home, May 4=Spiderman 3 (OH I bought Mark and my Spiderman 3 tickets today woohooo), May 11=28 Weeks Later, May 19= Marissa's birthday, May 20=One year anniversary with Mark!, May 24=Pirates of the Caribbean 3. I'm soooooo excited for everything! =D

but I had a test today and tomorrow I have another and I'm sick so I'm all wah wah wahhh. Mark's coming now and we're gonna watch SVU and then LOST! woot!

this has been an extremely long post which is weird to do again haha

ps: I'm glad FIU's flags are still half staff.
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