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small note...

one small thing I forgot to mention because I was oh so busy and so excited...

Sunday, May 20th, was my one year anniversary with the love of my life, Mark.
it was a beautiful day, we exchanged gifts (I gave him a digital camera, I got a Tiffany's bracelet which has very special meaning to it.), then Mark took me to dinner in Miami Beach, it was a surprise I didn't know where we were going, then we walked around and had just an all around wonderful night.
I love him more than anything and he means the world to me. our lives are going to be so wonderful together.

Sing this song,
Remind me that we'll always have each other,
When everything else is gone.
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your lives are gonna be so wonderful together?
like as we continue together... lol its going to be wonderful?

No fancy banner or anything. I think you're gorgeous!
you guys are the cutest!! congratulations on your anniversary!
thank you so much!
im so jealous ihy :(
but yaayy congrats!! i know how happy you are with him

btw. can mark help me get a new phone cus mine is not working
hahaha thank you and yes of course he can... call me and i'll give you his number and what not or you can go visit him at work and he can help you there. =D
Awww how cute are you!
haha thankssss
yay! <3 super cute. congrats
thank you my dear!

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thanks, I'll check it out =)
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