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I don't update enough

So Mark's cousin got married a couple of weeks ago... it was super fun! I loooooved it
here are a lot of pictures from the wedding...

at the church.. my baby and I.

I may have been a littleeee tipsy

a cigar with a mini cowboy hat on it... the groom is from Texas... even though the wedding was in Miami.

me, Mark, and his sister, Kat, at the top haha

aw cheesy to the max

then these are from last Thursday at Ale's rent on South Beach... might as well add on to this long post!

Marissa and I

I was a bit sunburned...

now I'm peeling so it sucksssss.

Marissa and I are actually going to Warped this weekend! It's been awhile...
and I think Mark and I are going to see 311 and Matisyahu tomorrow.

and a couple of weeks ago we went to Voxtrot which was the greatest thing everrrrrrrrrr. I miss concerts, I do.

anyway I kinda hate livejournal now I'm going back and deleting a lot if not all my entries older than 2 years. I don't want that shit floating around.

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