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Awesome day today...

yea I realize that I don't post but I felt like today was a day for the "books."
So this weekend was sucking and today my dear boyfriend, Mark, decided to be awesome and treat me oh so nice.
SO he asked me if I would take him to drop his car off at the mechanic oh so early in the morning and I did cause I'm a great girlfriend lol and then he took me to breakfast at Wagon's West to thank me, followed by golfing, where we practiced our driving haha I got to use my old clubs! then we went to an abandoned house around where he lives, took a couple of polaroids and went to Mark's house to watch I am Legend. (good movie by the way). then we picked up his car and I came back home, watched Because I said So with my mommy and then Mark came over again, I made him some food and we watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (awesome show)
I give him a hard time sometimes but he always makes up for it and he's so good at it too
and yesterday was our one year and eight month anniversary haha woohoo for long time! I can't wait for Valentine's day with him again!!

OH and I got a scanner/photo printer from my parents for my birthday so I've been going nuts making a scrapbook and scanning everything I can... so here are the pictures from today:

That is all.
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